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Undergraduate Catalog ARCHIVED 2014-15 
Undergraduate Catalog ARCHIVED 2014-15 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education / Special Education, B.S.E.

This degree program is designed to provide prospective teachers with essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes to work effectively with students who are mentally, physically, and/or emotionally challenged in K-8 or K-12 inclusive, resource and self contained settings. Students completing this major will qualify for certification in elementary education for grades K-8 and special education in either K-8 or K-12.

System-wide General Education Requirement (31 credits)

 * Majors must take MATH 102  or a course requiring MATH 102 as a prerequisite and POLS 100  or GEOG 200  and HIST 151  , HIST 152  or HIST 256  as part of the System-wide General Education Requirement.

Institutional Graduation Requirements (11 credits)

 Majors must take EPSY 210  as part of the Institutional Graduation Requirement.


Students must complete 30 hours of system-wide general education courses in their first 64 credit hours.  Students are also required to complete a course that provides a globalization/global perspectives and a course that provides a writing intensive experience.

1 No grade less than a “C”; must be completed prior to admission to Teacher Education

2 Requires field experience

Professional Education Courses (99-101 Credits)

Yearlong Residency / Student Teaching

Teacher candidates complete a yearlong residency / student teaching capstone experience during the final two semesters prior to graduation.  Placements are made in districts with which the College of Education has a formal partnership and whose personnel are trained in the co-teaching model.  Out-of-area placements are not granted for the yearlong residency / student teaching experience.