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Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Computer Game Design, B.S.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Design

This degree provides students with the fundamental skills needed to work in video game design, development, and production or in similar areas such as interactive or simulation based software and digital media. The program is interdisciplinary and requires substantial teamwork from students while they take courses in game design, digital arts, and software design. Core courses include writing, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, software development, calculus, and physics. Electives enable students to pursue their interests or enhance specific design and development skills.

Video games are an engine for economic growth.  In 2018, more than 166 million adults played video games in the US.  In 2019, around 2.4 billion people will play mobile games.  Video game players represent a diverse cross section of the population covering all ages, genders, and ethnicities.  Computer and video game companies directly and indirectly employ more Thant 146,00 people in the United States.  Job titles and duties vary by genre and company organization, and jobs change rapidly as new technology emerges.

Location(s): Madison Main Campus

Learning Outcomes

Plan of Study - Computer Game Design 23-24   



Students may complete their degree by earning the 19 elective credits from any area.  Students might pursue additional courses in art or programming or interests as varied as history or economics.


Students may concentrate on a specific area of game development by taking additional courses.  To earn an optional Emphasis, students may (in consultation with their program advisor) select and complete 30 credits from one of the following three areas:

Narrative Design Emphasis (30 credits)


Students double majoring in Computer Science and Computer Game Design are required to take other courses as part of the Computer Game Design requirements that address the content of CSC 285  and CSC 470 , so these two courses are being waived from the CSC major requirements.