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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 ARCHIVED 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 ARCHIVED [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Science, B.S.

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Students majoring in this program will be prepared to become employees as chemists or physicists for the science-based industries and agencies that use modern technology. They will also be prepared to pursue an advanced degree in chemistry, physics, engineering or medicine. This program provides an excellent background in business and computer science/information systems technology as well as a solid foundation in supporting sciences and mathematics. The graduates of the program will be capable of entering industry in traditional technical positions available to physicists and chemists, or in marketing, business, computer support or information systems. The combination of traditional science and modern computational methods will be especially valuable in science-based information industries. In particular, in the emerging biotechnology industry, this kind of background in science and technology is increasingly necessary.

General Education Requirement (30 Credits)

Majors must take CHEM 112 , MATH 123  and PHYS 211  as part of the System-wide General Education Requirements.

System-wide Institutional Graduation Requirement (11 Credits)

Majors must take CSC 150  as part of the Institutional Graduation Requirement.

Select one course from the following (3-4 Credits)

Select 12 credits from the following (12 Credits)

Computer Science Component (9 Credits)

Select six courses from the following (18-24 Credits)

Some of the courses below are offered by Black Hills State University.

Electives (15-22 Credits)

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