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Graduate Catalog ARCHIVED 2015-16 
Graduate Catalog ARCHIVED 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

About DSU Graduate Programs

This catalog is neither a contract nor an offer of a contract. It serves as an introduction to Dakota State University, its graduate degree programs, and student services offered. It is intended to help students select a career program that suits their career plans and life-long interests. It provides the information they need to pursue a graduate program of study at Dakota State University.

DSU Graduate Programs in Review

The South Dakota Board of Regents has authorized DSU to offer graduate degrees at the master's and doctoral levels. DSU graduate programs are a logical extension of the University's mission and provide rigorous, advanced education in programs that meet this mission. DSU graduate programs combine both theoretical knowledge and practical applications and are designed to meet the needs of a world being shaped by continuously and rapidly changing technology. Computer technology is integral to all programs. This policy can be reviewed at http://www.dsu.edu/hr/policies/05-10-00.aspx.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs, together with the deans of the academic colleges and the directors of the academic support units, is responsible for ensuring the academic integrity of the courses and programs offered by Dakota State University. As the chief academic officer of the University, the VP for Academic Affairs has direct responsibility for the academic programs offered by the institution, as well as direct responsibility for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, Center of Excellence for Computer Information Systems, Extended Programs, College of Business and Information Systems, College of Computing, College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Studies and Research, and the Karl E. Mundt Library. Principal responsibilities of the office include the strengthening and further development of the curriculum and addressing exceptional situations regarding final exam schedules, grading standards, and related academic matters.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council serves as the faculty body that oversees graduate education, plans for the future of graduate education in the broadest terms, and guides the evolution of graduate programs at DSU. The Graduate Council is responsible for all academic policies related to post-baccalaureate study and degree programs. This policy can be found at http://www.dsu.edu/hr/policies/05-40-00.aspx.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Exercise general oversight relative to the standards and academic integrity of all graduate degree programs;
  • Receive and review annual reports on graduate program activities;
  • Establish broad policies concerning graduate education;
  • Recommend approval of proposed graduate programs and all graduate curriculum changes;
  • Review criteria and processes for membership on graduate faculty;
  • Consider other matters submitted to them by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research;
  • Serve as an advisory board to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and the Vice President for Academic Affairs for matters concerning graduate education.

Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty serve on graduate program committees to ensure program integrity and on Graduate Council to assist with oversight of graduate programs and policy. Dakota State University has a single university-wide graduate faculty. This body has the following authorities and responsibilities:

  • Teach courses for graduate credit;
  • Serve on examination committees (or equivalent) for students in graduate-level programs;
  • Serve as thesis/dissertation reviewers for graduate programs in their discipline and as external examiners for students in graduate programs outside their discipline;
  • Serve as advisors for students pursuing graduate-level degree programs;
  • Actively engage in research/scholarly activity;
  • Serve on graduate admissions and graduate program committees;
  • Serve on the Graduate Council.

Faculty members may be nominated to the graduate faculty by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, the graduate program coordinator, the faculty member's dean, or by a graduate faculty member. The Graduate Council will screen nominations and report their decisions to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research. This policy can be reviewed at http://www.dsu.edu/hr/policies/05-21-00.aspx.

Graduate Program Committees

Each graduate program will have a program committee that is responsible for supervision and oversight of the graduate work in their program and manages day-to-day activities of the graduate program under the leadership of the graduate program coordinator. The program committee handles the specifics of program curriculum, instruction, advising, and scheduling. The program committee report on their activities on an annual basis to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and to the Graduate Council through their graduate program coordinator. This policy can be reviewed at http://www.dsu.edu/hr/policies/05-41-00.aspx.

Office of Graduate Studies and Research

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research oversees all aspects of graduate education at Dakota State University including the development, administration, termination, and assessment of graduate programs, the admission and guidance of graduate students, the granting of graduate degrees, and the implementation of graduate policies. This policy can be reviewed at http://www.dsu.edu/hr/policies/05-11-00.aspx.