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Undergraduate Catalog ARCHIVED 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Catalog ARCHIVED 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business and Information Systems








Dorine Bennett, Professor


Omar El-Gayar, Dan Talley, Jack Walters

Associate Professors:

David Bishop, Yen-Ling Chang, Jun Liu, Cherie Noteboom, Chris Olson, Linda Parks, Ronghua Shan, Zixing Shen, Deb Tech

Assistant Professors:

Ozlem Cosgun, Robert Girtz, Scott Morstad, Qiang (David) Zeng, Insu Park, Julie Wulf Plimpton, Michael Roach


Andrew Behrens, Wendy Jensen-Simmermon, James McKeown,

Director of HIM Program:  Renae Spohn


The mission of the College of Business and Information Systems is to educate and prepare students to be life long learners and professionals in business, information systems, business and computer education, and health information management. Inherent in the educational process is challenging individuals to develop information management skills, to think logically, and to make sound decisions. Information technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. This emphasis on information technology and faculty expertise provides the foundation for Dakota State University’s Center of Excellence.

The College offers doctorate degrees in Information Systems; masters degrees in Information Systems, Health Informatics and Information Management, Analytics and a Masters in Business Administration; and baccalaureate degrees in Business Administration, Health Information Administration, Computer Information Systems, Professional Accountancy, Business Education, and Computer Education. Also, Associate of Science degrees in Business Management, Web Development and Health Information Technology are offered. These two-year degrees articulate with the related four-year degree. DSU has a fast track program for certain majors. Students who might be eligible should contact the dean of the College of Business and Information Systems. In addition to course work in the academic setting, the College provides opportunities for students to learn through work and consulting experience. Internships and supervised professional practices are available in Business Administration, Health Information Management programs and Computer Information Systems.