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Undergraduate Catalog ARCHIVED 2015-16 
Undergraduate Catalog ARCHIVED 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education, B.S.E.

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The elementary education curriculum includes a solid core of general education and content courses designed to provide a broad background for prospective teachers by developing knowledge, skills and attitudes, that lead to effective teaching. Many courses in the major require participation in field experiences prior to yearlong residency / student teaching.

System-wide General Education Requirement (30 Credits)

 Majors must take MATH 102  or a course requiring MATH 102 as a prerequisite; POLS 100  or GEOG 200 ; and HIST 151  or HIST 152  or HIST 256  as part of the System-wide General Education Requirement.

Institutional Graduation Requirement (11 Credits)

 Majors must take EPSY 210  as part of the Institutional Graduation Requirement.


Students must complete 30 hours of system-wide general education courses in their first 64 credit hours.

1 No grade less than a "C"; must be completed prior to admission to Teacher Education.

2 Requires field experience.

Professional Education Courses (79 Credits)

Yearlong Residency / Student Teaching

Teacher candidates complete a yearlong residency / student teaching capstone experience during the final two semesters prior to graduation.  Placements are made in districts with which the College of Education has a formal partnership and whose personnel are trained in the co-teaching model.  Out-of-area placements are not granted for the yearlong residency / student teaching experience. Requirements for licensure vary from one state to another.  If you are interested in professional licensure, please check with the appropriate licensing body in the state where you intend to practice.  The US Department of Education link will help you learn more about certification in your state.

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