May 25, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

General Beadle Honors Program

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The purpose of the General Beadle Honors Program is to engage high-achieving students, both academically and socially, by providing them with provocative and stimulating coursework and to simultaneously create a high-achieving academic peer group.  All students are eligible to apply and all eligible students are encouraged to participate in Honors courses even if they do not seek the Honors designation. 

Admission Requirements:

All students interested in the Honors program are required to apply for admission; admitted students usually have:

  • ACT score of 26 or higher.
  • High school GPA of 3.7 and up
  • Graduate in the top 20% of their class

Students interested in the Honors program with scores or GPAs not quite matching the above are still encouraged to apply.  All applications that demonstrate the promise of achievement will be considered.

Continued Participation:

 To maintain enrollment in the General Beadle Honors Program, students must:

  • Maintain a cumulative university GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Fulfill the annual requirement participation in extracurricular activities.

Program Requirements (28 credits):

Students must complete 28 credit hours of the following coursework:

HON 102  Introduction to Honors: Popular Culture (1 credit)
HON 390  Seminar  (3 credits)
General Education Honors sections courses*:  (18 credits)
Existing major course - thesis preparation (3 credits)
Existing 400-level major course - thesis capstone (3 credits)

*Students who bring in existing general education credits are eligible to seek an exemption from the Program Director to take a reduced number of honors courses based on a sliding scale.

Extracurricular Activities:

Students must also attend/participate in at least one activity per academic year from EACH of the four following categories:

  • University Athletic Event
  • On-campus Aesthetic Event
  • On-campus Intellectual Program
  • Campus Social Activity

Additionally, students must propose and complete during their senior year a significant act of service or leadership to either their campus or their community, subject to approval from the faculty of the General Beadle Honors Program Committee.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Complete graduation requirements for a baccalaureate degree at DSU;
  • Complete all program requirements listed above;
  • Graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher. 


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