May 17, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog (ARCHIVED) 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog (ARCHIVED) 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Arts and Sciences






Administration and Faculty

Judy Dittman, Professor and Dean, Interim
Justin Blessinger, Professor and English Coordinator
Dale Droge, Professor and Academic Coordinator
Lacy Patnoe, Assistant Professor and Director of Respiratory Care
Wendy Romero, Associate Professor and Digital Arts and Design Coordinator


Richard Avery, Kristel Bakker, Susan Conover, Kari Forbes-Boyte, Thomas Jones, Kurt Kemper, Alan Montgomery, John Nelson, Jeffrey Palmer

Associate Professors:

Stacey Berry, Joseph Bottum, Michael Gaylor, Jeffrey Howard, Viki Johnson, Mary Reinesch, William Sewell, Joseph Staudenbaur

Assistant Professors:

Hannah Altmann, Angela Behrends, Haley Larson, James Maloney, Jill Olson, Zhe Ren, Andrew Sathoff, Robert Seaback, Mark Spanier, Richard Wicklein, Benjamin Young


Kristina Adams, Sandra Champion, Ann Elder, Deana Hueners-Nelson, Kim Jones, Ed Kreider, Nevine Nawar, D. Scott Richardson, Abby Wortman

Visiting Assistant Professors

Erika Day, Daniel Seman


The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to educate and prepare students to be lifelong learners and professionals in a variety of disciplines including biology (analytical science and biology education), computer game design, cyber leadership and intelligence, digital arts and design, English for new media, English education, mathematics, and respiratory care. Students are challenged to develop the necessary skills in their respective area, to think logically and critically, and to make sound decisions. Faculty expertise and the integration of technology in all programs provides the foundation for Dakota State University's College of Arts and Sciences degree programs.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science majors listed above, the College of Arts and Sciences offers an Associate of Science degree in respiratory care which articulates with the four-year respiratory care degree. The College also offers several minors, including art, audio production, biology, chemistry, computer graphics, digital photography, English for new media, film production, history, math, multimedia/web design, physics, 2-D and 3-D production animation, professional and technical communication, sociology, Spanish, and speech communication/theatre.  A number of certificate programs are also available including digital photography, English for new media, mathematical foundations of cryptography, multimedia, multimedia design and production, professional and technical communication, and website design and development.

In addition to course work in the academic setting, the College of Arts and Sciences provides opportunities for students to learn through work experiences and supervised professional practices.  Internships and undergraduate research/scholarship are available in most programs.