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Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 ARCHIVED 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 ARCHIVED [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business and Information Systems





Pre-Professional Advisement Programs

Pre Law

Pre Law advisement is available to students who wish to pursue a career in law. Opportunities exist for lawyers to serve business, government, and individuals in diverse areas of law including: corporate, tax, patent, wills, trusts, probate, family, environmental, tort, and criminal law.

There is no prescribed major or curriculum for pre law students. Successful attorneys come from varied educational backgrounds. Some of the appropriate majors at DSU are Business Administration, English for Information Systems, the Sciences and Education. Therefore, pre law students should major in whatever field interests them.

Law school admission standards generally require a high grade point average and a high score on the Law School Admissions Test. Law schools may also consider other qualifications and factors during the admissions process. Students are advised to consult the Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools and the pre law advisor for more information.

For pre law advisement contact Professor Richard Puetz in the College of Business and Information Systems.


Tom Halverson, Associate Professor and Dean


Omar El-Gayar, Lynette Molstad Gorder, Richard Puetz, Dan Talley, Cecelia Wittmayer

Associate Professors:

Dorine Bennett, William Figg, Steven Graham, Stephen Krebsbach, Margaret O’Brien, Josh Pauli, Wayne Pauli, David Peak, Ronghua Shan, Kevin Streff, Jack Walters, Dianxiang Xu

Assistant Professors:

Yen-Ling Chang, Amit Deokar, Pat Engebretson, Joyce Havlik, Sreekanth Malladi, James McKeown, Mark Moran, Barbara Myers, Cherie Noteboom, Chris Olson, Linda Parks, Michael Roach, Surendra Sarnikar, Zixing Shen, Deb Tech, Manghui Tu


Kyle Cronin, Kathy Engbrecht, Derek Franken, Robert Honomichl, Pam Rowland, Amanda Schwartz, Brent Tulloss


The mission of the College of Business and Information Systems is to educate and prepare students to be life long learners and professionals in business, computer information systems, electronic commerce, computer science, business and computer education, and health information management. Inherent in the educational process is challenging individuals to develop information management skills, to think logically, and to make sound decisions. Information technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. This emphasis on information technology and faculty expertise provides the foundation for Dakota State University’s Center of Excellence.

The College offers both doctorate and masters degrees in Information Systems, a masters in Information Assurance and Computer Security and Health Infomatics and a Masters in Business Administration (in Sioux Falls) and baccalaureate degrees in Business Administration, Computer Game Design, Computer Science, Computer and Network Security, Health Information Administration, Information Systems, Network and System Administration, Professional Accountancy, Business Education, and Computer Education. Also, Associate of Science degrees in Business Management, Applications Programming, Health Information Technology and Network and System Administration are offered. These two-year degrees articulate with the related four-year degree. DSU has a fast track program for certain majors. Students who might be eligible should contact the dean of the College of Business and Information Systems. In addition to course work in the academic setting, the College provides opportunities for students to learn through work and consulting experience. Internships and supervised professional practices are available in Business Administration, Computer Science, Computer and Network Security, Health Information Management programs and Information Systems.

Center of Excellence Honors Program

The Dakota State University Center of Excellence Honors Program targets high achieving students. Successful completion of the program requirements by the student will result in the student being designated “Center of Excellence Honors Graduate”. This designation will appear on the student’s transcripts, diplomas, and the commencement program. The full program can be found in the General Studies  section of this catalog.