Jun 18, 2024  
Graduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Course Rotation Schedule

Prefix/Number FA 23 SP 24 SU 24 FA
ACCT 725 Accounting for Managers           X  
BADM 712 Advanced Business Finance       X      
BADM 729 Business Analysis for Managerial Decisions         X    
BADM 730 Supply Chain Management         X    
BADM 732 Supply Chain Analytics           X  
BADM 750 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business         X    
BADM 755 Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management Process   X         X
BADM 765 Management and Leadership           X  
BADM 768 International Management       X      
BADM 775 Strategic Marketing     X        
BADM 782 Strategic Management and Decision Making   X          
CET 657 Network and Operating Systems Topics              
CET 720 Leading Evaluation and Change in the Educational Technology Environment     X     X  
CET 721 Web Authoring       X     X
CET 723 Inclusive STEM Instruction     X     X  
CET 725 Educational Applications for Mobile Devices              
CET 726 Technology in Curriculum              
CET 749 Policy and Management for Distance Education   X     X    
CET 750 Multimedia II   X     X    
CET 751 Technology Hardware and Networking Essentials              
CET 753 Network Management in Education Institutions       X      
CET 756 Introduction to Instructional Programming   X     X    
CET 788 Master’s Research Problems/Projects   X X X X X X
CSC 502 Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence              
CSC 509 System and Security Programming              
CSC 533 Computer Graphics              
CSC 538 Defensive Network Security              
CSC 547 Artificial Intelligence              
CSC 561 Programming Languages              
CSC 570 Software Engineering              
CSC 578 Artificial Intelligence Tools and Frameworks              
CSC 579 Applied Artificial Intelligence              
CSC 586 Data Mining              
CSC 705 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms       X     X
CSC 710 Structure and Design Programming Language              
CSC 712 Data Structures       X     X
CSC 714 Database Systems              
CSC 716 Secure Software Engineering              
CSC 718 Operating Systems & Parallel Programming   X     X    
CSC 720 Theory of Computation     X     X  
CSC 722 Machine Learning Fundamentals   X     X    
CSC 723 Machine Learning for Cyber Security     X     X  
CSC 744 Software Development Leadership              
CSC 748 Software Exploitation   X X   X X  
CSC 773 Mobile Communication and Advanced Network Security       X     X
CSC 786 Cyber Problems   X X     X  
CSC 791 Independent Study : Collaboration Research     X     X
CSC 803 An Introduction to Research   X     X    
CSC 804 Computer and Cyber Security Research Methodology     X     X  
CSC 807 Computer and Cyber Security Research Design and Implementation   X     X    
CSC 809 Dissertation Preparation     X     X  
CSC 808 - Mixed Research Methods for Computer and Cyber Sciences: Design and Implementation     X     X  
CSC 840 Cyber Operations I   X     X    
CSC 841 Cyber Operations II     X     X  
CSC 842 Security Tool Development       X     X
CSC 844 Advanced Reverse Engineering       X     X
CSC 846 Advanced Malware Analysis   X     X    
CSC 848 Advanced Software Exploitation     X     X  
ECON 730 Economics for Decision Making     X        
GAME 576 Fan Experience, Sportainment and Brand Management   X          
GAME 587 Facility, Risk and Event Management in Sport     X        
HIMS 701 Foundations in Healthcare Information   X     X    
HIMS 702 Foundations of Health Information Classification Systems     X     X  
HIMS 742 Healthcare Informatics, Information Systems and Technology   X     X    
HIMS 743 Advanced Topics in Health Informatics and Health Information Management     X     X  
HIMS 744 Data Analytics in Healthcare       X     X
HIMS 745 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Informatics       X     X
HIMS 746 Health Information Lifecycle Governance              
HIMS 747 Leadership and Management for Health Informatics   X          
HIMS 748 Research Design in Health Informatics              
HIMS 750 Exploration of Population Health Data in Health Informatics              
HIMS 751 Classification Systems and the Revenue Cycle     X        
HIMS 758 Workflow and Usability Optimization in Health Informatics              
HIMS 820 Current Issues Health Informatics              
INFA 701 Principles of Information Assurance   X   X   X X
INFA 702 Data Privacy   X X   X X  
INFA 710 Cybersecurity Program Design and Implementation              
INFA 713 Managing Security Risks   X     X    
INFA 719 Software Security              
INFA 720 Incident Response   X X   X X  
INFA 721 Digital Forensics     X X   X X
INFA 722 Data Privacy Management              
INFA 723 Cryptography     X     X  
INFA 730 Physical Security   X     X    
INFA 731 Personnel Security   X     X    
INFA 732 Malware Analysis     X     X  
INFA 733 Vendor Management              
INFA 735 Offensive Security   X X   X X  
INFA 739 Software Quality Assurance              
INFA 742 Ethics and Information Technology       X     X
INFA 745 Compliance and Audit     X     X  
INFA 751 Wireless Security   X     X    
INFA 754 Network Security Monitoring and Intrusion Detection   X   X   X X
INFA 758 Security Metrics              
INFS 601 Information Systems   X X   X X  
INFS 605 Foundations of Programming   X     X    
INFS 608 Applied Statistics   X     X    
INFS 614 Introduction to Research   X     X    
INFS 720 System Analysis and Design Using Case Tools   X X   X X  
INFS 724 Project and Change Management   X X X X X X
INFS 730 Web Application Development     X X   X X
INFS 732 Emerging Technologies and Issues       X     X
INFS 750 IT Infrastructure, Technology and Network Management     X X   X X
INFS 752 Advanced Network Technology and Management       X     X
INFS 754 Network Security/Intrusion Detection   X     X    
INFS 756 Cloud Computing and Network Services   X     X    
INFS 760 Enterprise Modeling and Data Management   X   X   X X
INFS 762 Data Warehousing and Data Mining   X   X   X X
INFS 764 Information Retrieval   X X   X X X
INFS 766 Advanced Database     X     X  
INFS 768 Predictive Analytics for Decision Making   X     X    
INFS 770 Advanced Data Mining Applications     X     X  
INFS 772 Programming for Data Analytics     X     X  
INFS 774 Big Data Analytics       X     X
INFS 776 Business Intelligence and Visualization       X     X
INFS 778 Deep Learning       X     X
INFS 780 Information Technology Strategy and Policy     X X   X X
INFS 782 Marketing Analytics       X     X
INFS 784 Artificial Intelligence Applications       X     X
INFS 805 Design Research Methods   X     X    
INFS 810 Qualitative Research Methods   X     X    
INFS 815 Quantitative Research Methods     X     X  
INFS 820 Current Issues Health Informatics              
INFS 830 Decision Support Systems              
INFS 834 Knowledge Management     X     X  
INFS 838 Decision Support/Knowledge Management Research     X     X  
INFS 848 Information Assurance/Computer Security Research     X     X  
INFS 868 Health Informatics Research     X     X  
LT 712 Instructional Technology for Active Learning       U     U
LT 716 Systematic Design of Instruction   U     U    
LT 731 Multimedia Production       D     D
LT 741 Introduction to Distance Education     D     D  
LT 785 Research Methods in Education Technology   D     D    
PE 776 Cultural Studies of Sport              
STAT 600 Statistical Programming       X     X
STAT 601 Modern Applied Statistics I   X     X    
STAT 602 Modern Applied Statistics II     X     X